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Gemonite 4.10 CT Cushion Colorless Moissanite Engagement Ring fo


Gemonite 4.10 CT Cushion Colorless Moissanite Engagement Ring fo


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???? Basic Knowledge About Moissanite :
➺ Natural Diamond Hardness Is 10 amp; Moissanite Hardness Is 9.25
➺ Unique Moissanite Maintains Its Clarity And Sparkle Throughout A Lifetime Like Diamonds.
➺ We Are Supplying Man-Made Moissanite, And It Has The Same Process Of Making Like Diamonds.

???? Moissanite Vs Diamond :
➺ Moissanites Are Actually More Brilliant (Sparkly) Than Diamonds With 2.65 Refractive Index - Diamonds Are 2.42.
➺ Moissanite Is Less Likely To Attract Grease Or Dirt Than A Diamond And Should Keep The 'Sparkle' Longer In Between Cleanings.
➺ Moissanites Have A Hardness Of 9.25 And Diamond Have 10 On The Mohs Scale Moissanite Are Extremely Durable.
➺ Due To Their Extremely Similar Properties, Moissanites Are Often And Commonly Mistaken For Diamonds.

???? Why Buy Moissanite Over Diamond ?
➺ Moissanite Is Pocket-Friendly, It Is 1/10 Of The Diamond Price.
➺ Moissanite Is Conflict-Free And Eco-Friendly, Were As A Diamond Can Be A Blood Diamond And It's Not Eco-Friendly.
➺ There Is No Higher Resale Value Of A Diamond, In Moissanite, You Don't Have To Worry About.
➺ If Moissanite, You Can Wear Different Jewelry Every Day At The Same Price As The Natural Diamond.

???? Care Instruction :
➺ Please Use A Fine, Microfiber, Or Gemstone Polishing Cloth To Clean Your Jewelry.
➺ Don't Use Any Chemical Agents, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Or Any Other Cleaning Agents For Cleaning Jewelry.
➺ We Recommended Removing Jewelry Before Participating In Any Activities That May Be Considered Abrasive To Jewelry Like: Showering, Swimming, Gardening, Dishes Etc.
➺ Refrain From Exposing Your Jewelry To Extreme Temperature Environments, Hot Or Cold.

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Gemonite 4.10 CT Cushion Colorless Moissanite Engagement Ring fo

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A Virginia mother told a local school board last week that her six-year-old child asked her if she was 'born evil' because she's white as parent backlash over the teaching of critical race theory continues to dominate the conversation ahead of Tuesday's gubernatorial election. Video of the mother who appeared at the Loudoun County Public School board meeting in Ashburn, Virginia, on Tuesday went viral over the weekend. The unidentified woman claims she moved her daughter out of the district because of the school curriculum. She blamed former Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams; his successor, Dr. Scott Ziegler, and the school board.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed on Sunday evening she had tested positive for COVID-19 after deciding not to travel with President Biden to the G20 summit in Rome because members of her family had already received positive tests. 'While I have not had close contact in person with the President or senior members of the White House staff since Wednesday - and tested negative for four days after that last contact - I am disclosing today's positive test out of an abundance of transparency,' she said in a statement.

Arabic-Polish Boston mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi George, 47, explained her struggle over racial identity and how she formerly did not consider herself a woman of color

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Harold & Kumar star Kal Penn comes out as gay
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Actor Kal Penn is releasing a memoir November 2. His book, You Can't Be Serious, will discuss details of his life most people haven't been privy to until now.

A new poll released by NBC News on Sunday paints another bleak picture for Biden while he's in Europe. It shows the majority of Americans unhappy with how Biden is handling the economy.

'You can fight against the cancer in the Republican Party of lies, of conspiracy, of dishonesty,' he said. 'And you ultimately come to the realization that it's me... and a few others that are telling the truth.'

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos were slammed as hypocrites for lecturing the world on the need to combat climate change by reducing carbon footprint while at the same time reportedly vacationing on superyachts off the coast of Turkey. Multi-billionaire and Microsoft founder Gates celebrated his 66th birthday in Turkey in the company of fellow tycoon and Amazon founder Bezos on Friday. Bezos was among the 50 guests invited to Gates' private party beside the Mediterranean. It's not clear whether any of Gates' family helped him celebrate at his exclusive bash. According to reports, Bezos traveled to Gates' superyacht by helicopter. The Blue Origin founder is said to have made the 120-mile round trip journey by chopper from Govoka to the resort town of Fethiye. The jet fuel used to power helicopters emits 21.095 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon burned. Since helicopters use up approximately 10.75 miles per gallon, Bezos' helicopter emitted some 215 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Both Bezos and Gates are reportedly staying on superyachts - each of which emits 7,020 tons of carbon dioxide per year, or 19 tons per day.

Facebook has come under fire for the way it has tackled online security. Dr Max Pemberton says it is not the only platform that needs to take responsibility for the safety of their users.

Biden chokes up during press conference as he describes how Pope Francis offered 'solace' in the days after death of his son Beau: President celebrates G20 'progress' and the 'power of America'

President Joe Biden offered an emotional account of his relationship with Pope Francis on Sunday during a press conference, choking up as he described how the pontiff had become a friend and offered comfort when his son died. 'Pope Francis has become,' he said, pausing to collect his thoughts, 'I don't want to exaggerate - has become a someone who's provided a great solace for my family when my son died.' After a day of big international diplomacy, tackling climate change and supply chains, Biden came close to tears as he talked about meeting Francis in the days after his son's death.

Musk made his comments in response to an assertion made earlier this month by World Food Programme Director David Beasley. The UN official claimed $6billion would solve world hunger.

Hundreds of delegates hoping to travel to Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit by train have been left stranded inside London's Euston station tonight.

'I'm young, rich and can do what I want': What Florida TikTok star, 18, said when he was arrested after 'DELIBERATELY provoking trooper into chase by wheel-spinning off from stop sign'

Florida TikTok star Damaury Mikula,18, was arrested on Friday after he allegedly ran a ran light and provoked a 100-mile-per-hour high speed chase. Mikula, who has more than four million followers on TikTok, has frequently posted content featuring his Dodge Challenger, a vehicle that can go up to 141mph with a starting price of $29,065. The TikTok star, who is said to make $400,000 to $450,000 per year, was recorded being chased by Pasco County Police at the intersection of State Route 54 at Sunlake Boulevard. The chase, which happened at around 10.30am, was considered to be 'fun' for Mikula who was later arrested in front of his home.

The 72 million members of Generation Z are aging into the workforce in droves - now, their Millennial bosses are struggling to make sense of their differing approach to the workplace.

San Marcos, Texas police officials 'privately laughed' and 'joked about the victims and their distress' as those aboard the Biden-Harris campaign bus feared for their safety, according to a lawsuit.

Huma Abedin says she considered throwing herself in front of a TRAIN after her ex-husband Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal exploded: Reveals he had sex with lovers in their apartment

Huma Abedin contemplated suicide at the height of the 'sexting' scandal that engulfed her now-estranged husband Anthony Weiner, Hillary Clinton's former top aide has revealed in her new memoir. Abedin revealed that it was her Muslim faith that got her through the difficult ordeal after Weiner finished in fifth place in the New York City Democratic Party's mayoral primary in September 2013. Weiner's once-promising hopes of conquering City Hall were dashed after it was revealed during the campaign that he had been exchanging explicit messages online with women. 'You write that, for a brief second, you contemplated walking off the subway platform?' Norah O'Donnell of CBS Evening News asks Abedin. Abedin's memoir, Both/And, is due out in stores on Tuesday. 'Well, one of the best things I've had in my life is my faith, and the belief that there is always a way through,' the 45-year-old Abedin said. She also revealed that Weiner was having in-person affairs in the apartment that they shared.

YADSHENG Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Wall Mounted Cabinet Shelves

'I think he should win,' Trump told Fox news' Jeanine Pirro in an interview that aired Saturday evening. 'I'll be honest, my base has to turn out.'

Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin's is running against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former governor and close ally of President Joe Biden.

Man, 24, dressed as the Joker injures 17 in Tokyo train knife rampage, 'sprays acid on passengers' and sets the carriage on fire - then calmly smokes a cigarette before being arrested by police

Police officials in Tokyo said the attack happened inside the Keio train near Kokuryo station and they received a report about the man around 8pm on Sunday night in the city. It is believed that the fire spread from a seat in the fifth carriage of the limited express train, which stopped at Kokuryo Station, an emergency stop. One passenger, believed to be in his 60s or 70s lost consciousness after being stabbed, according to Kyodo News . A male passenger said: 'I heard a loud bang and saw flames and smoke in the back. Everyone was panicking,'

There's no end in sight for the ongoing supply chain crisis that's leaving shelves barren (inset) as congestion continues at California's ports (inset), says Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg (left).

Meghan Markle, 40, gifted employees at PL+US, a group running a national campaign to win paid family and medical leave by 2022, $25 to buy Starbucks coffee through her non-profit Archewell.

American Airlines has cancelled a quarter of their Sunday schedule as strong winds in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and ongoing staff shortages have caused 1,500 flights to be axed since Friday. During the weekend, 342 flights were cancelled on Friday and 543 were axed on Saturday as well as 634 for Sunday. Those winds have caused staff to be delayed over the course of the weekend, exceeding the maximum number of hours they can work, with that knock-on effect partially-blamed for the ongoing chaos.

NYC has issued a state-wide call for city firefighters in areas such as Long Island and Upstate New York as one-third of FDNY firefighters remain unvaccinated ahead of Nov. 1 deadline

'Looks like I'm booking nothing but Southwest from now on!' Pilot divides Twitter over whether he should face punishment for saying anti-Joe Biden slogan 'Let's go Brandon' over intercom

Some social media users took to Twitter (inset) Sunday to express their disdain at a Southwest pilot who said 'let's go Brandon' over a flight intercom (right). The term is a euphemism for 'F*** Joe Biden' (right), and some people want the pilot fired for making the comment. Others came to the employee's defense and said they'll never fly with the air carrier again if he's fired

Inglewood Morningside Monarchs were beaten 106-0 by rivals Inglewood High Sentinals on Friday. Seven players on the Sentinals are set to play football at college level.

Police in Northern California have launched an investigation (pictured) into a fatal shooting at the home of Gilroy City Councilmember Rebeca Armendariz (inset) that left one person dead

'The Iranians have now said that they're coming back to talks toward the end of November - we'll see if they actually do, that's going to be important,' the Secretary of State said.

'To the issue of how we're going to respond to actions taken by [Iran] against the interest of the U.S.... is that we're going to respond,' Biden said, without going into any specifics.

Hilaria Baldwin, 37, was seen Friday night comforting her grieving husband, actor Alec Baldwin, 63, at a private bar in Manchester. Vermont as he faces a criminal investigation into the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film 'Rust.' At one point during the night, Hilaria could be seen wrapping her arms around her husband before they shared an intimate kiss. But Baldwin still seemed distraught, holding his head in his hands. The following day, Hilaria revealed that she is concerned for her husband's mental health, and worries he may develop PTSD from the fatal shooting on October 21.

COVID-19 guidelines mandating people wear face coverings indoors are still in place in much of Europe, including Rome, where Biden had a number of close - and maskless- encounters.

A State official said the meeting was 'exceptionally candid' and will help lay the groundwork for a virtual summit between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping later this year.

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'She's THAT desperate for attention!' Hilaria Baldwin is ripped online for interrupting Alec during impromptu press conference about Halyna Hutchins' death: Actor glares and snaps at her TWICE 

Hilaria Baldwin (left) was branded an attention seeker by social media users after repeatedly interrupting an interview between her husband Alec (pictured) and a reporter. Said one person in a tweet (left): 'She wants attention it seems like.' Alec on October 21 accidentally fatally shot Halyna Hutchins (right) on the set of his film Rust

One man died and nine other people were wounded in a shooting at a Halloween party in eastern Texas, police said. The incident took place at an event center in Texarkana, 180 miles east of Dallas.

Blast off! Atlanta's Adam Duvall launches first-inning grand slam in Game 5 of the World Series with the Braves needing just one more win over the Astros to clinch their first Major League title since 1995

Occupants of Atlanta since 1966, the Braves can give the city its second World Series title with a victory in Game 5 on Sunday night. The Braves used back-to-back home runs from Dansby Swanson and Jorge Soler in the seventh inning Saturday to rally for a 3-2 victory and take a 3-1 series lead over the Houston Astros. The last time the Braves won a World Series, Brad Pitt's 'Seven' was the top movie. Mariah Carey owned that month with the single 'Fantasy.' That was 1995, with the Braves hoping this year that their fantasy won't have to go a full seven. The Braves had a line on a title last season, but could not finish off the National League Championship Series despite a 3-1 lead. They already avenged that disappointment, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in this year's NLCS. Now they have the Astros on the ropes with that same 3-1 advantage that slipped away in the playoffs last year. Tucker Davidson (left) is the starting pitcher for Atlanta, while Houston is using  Game 1 starter Framber Valdez.

Red Sox broadcaster and former Red Sox player Gerald Peter Remy, known as Jerry Remy, succumbed to a long-fought battle with lung cancer at 68-years-old early Sunday morning.

zgs78hh Punch-Free Wall Mount Pot Lid Holder, Durable Iron Cutti

Las Vegas police announced last week that the murders of Eric Mosley, left, and Sandra Cruz-Lopez, inset, may be related to an $800 debt Mosley owed Antonio Barry-Edwards, top right.

RICHARD KAY: Andrew's adversarial American lawyers have come out fighting to confront the sexual abuse claims that have swirled about the head of the Queen's favourite son for so long. The question is will it work, or might their aggressive intervention risk damaging the prince even more?

Hollywood celebrated Halloween in a spectacularly over-the-top fashion on Sunday.  Olivia Wilde danced around and showed off her fake boobs as she transformed into country icon Dolly Parton.  When dressed up as the I Will Always Love You singer, Olivia took to the gym with a glass of wine in hand, joking: 'In my mind this is how she works out.'

Cat Uden said she was told that if she wore the costume to the city of Hollywood's Hollyweird Halloween block party Saturday night it would be considered a planned protest march.

A migrant woman drowned swimming the strong currents around border fencing in the Pacific ocean between Tijuana and San Diego on Friday, while another 13 of 70 migrants were rescued.

Jill Biden makes surprise trip to Rome's Borghese Gallery after wrapping up her time in the G20 spotlight with spouses lunch

First Lady Jill Biden made a surprise trip to the Borghese Gallery in Rome Sunday night, after spending a final lunch with the G20 spouses. FLOTUS, dressed casually in an olive jacket over a cream top, leather pants and black over-the-knee boots, paired with a blue scarf and a black face mask, roamed through the grand galleries looking at classic sculptures and paintings and modern pieces by British artist Damien Hirst.

The Prince of Wales will argue that a 'war-like footing' is needed to tackle the climate crisis during the opening ceremony of the COP26 summit in Glasgow tomorrow.

Climate change activist Greta Thurnberg, 18, (pictured) said angering people can be necessary as part of environmental demonstrations. She said protests work better if you 'p*** people off'.

First Lady Jill Biden stunned in a sparkly lilac fitted dress by Ralph Lauren at Saturday night's G20 dinner, which took place at the 16th century Quirinale Palace in Rome.

President Joe Biden touted a green new steel deal Sunday afternoon at the G20 summit, after the U.S. and European Union reached an agreement to settle their rift over Trump-era tariffs.

Colin Kaepernick is slammed for comparing NFL to SLAVERY in new Netflix doc: Black players are inspected by white coaches before appearing in shackles on an auction block

Colin Kaepernick has compared the NFL Draft and training camp to slavery in his new Netflix special, with one scene showing players being paraded in front of coaches and scouts before they're seen in shackles on an auction block.    The Netflix special, Colin in Black & White, goes into the former NFL star's childhood from high school to the events that led him onto to become an advocate for social justice. Kaepernick became a controversial figure in the NFL in 2016, when he started kneeling during the playing of the US national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice while playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

Fury from fans as female MMA fighter is battered into submission by male rival in mixed-gender bout screened in Poland 

Female arm wrestler Ula Siekacz was battered into submission by male MMA fighter Piotrek Muaboy during an inter-gender bout at an MMA-VIP event held in Czestochowa, Poland on October 29. But footage of the one-sided fight caused fury among MMA fans, with some describing the scene as 'horrific' as the ref was forced to stop the bout. Video shows Muaboy land a series of solid blows to Siekacz's face. She then goes for a takedown but Muaboy flips her onto her back before raining down punches.

'The invitation for Mr. Meacham to speak is not only disappointing but alarming for the future of Samford,' a petition read. Meacham supports Planned Parenthood.

Nikki Spiers, 31, from London, unwittingly became an international sensation when the cryptic quiz she sent to friends went viral. Now she's shared 20 Halloween films based on emojis

Investigators are still trying to figure out how an SUV carrying four people was fatally struck on railroad tracks early Saturday morning by an Amtrak train loaded with 500 passengers.


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Robert E. Lee's childhood home in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia is now on the market for $5.9 million, after previously being sold in 2019 for $4.7 million and being put back on the market last year for $8.5 million. This time, though, the listing for the six-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom estate does not mention that former Confederate General Robert E. Lee grew up in the house, as he has become more controversial in recent years with more and more southern cities removing his statues. In fact, the listing for the home seems to have photoshopped out a historic marker in front of the house designating it as 'Lee's boyhood home.' He lived there from the time he was five until he went off to West Point Military Academy in 1825.

A new pose which makes your posterior look perkier than ever has taken the social media world by storm. Championed by celebrities including Emily Ratajkowski (centre), Tammy Hembrow (right) and Demi Rose (left), the trend sees women 'holding' their bottom up with their hands.

The Royal family offer a peek inside Windsor Castle as their resident clockmaker spends an entire weekend turning the estate's stunning 1,500 timepieces back

Reminding Brits of the clock change this weekend, the Royal Family offered an insight into the numerous timepieces inside Windsor Castle on their official Instagram page. A team of horological conservators worked through the weekend to tweak the 400 timepieces on the estate, 250 of which are located inside the Berkshire castle (pictured right). Left, Her Majesty attending a reception to mark the Global Investment Summit, at Windsor Castle earlier this month

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Melania's curveball? Mrs Trump's smile fades as she stands next to Donald at Braves game in their first public outing together since April

Melania Trump appeared alongside her husband at a World Series baseball game. The former First Lady appeared happy together with her husband when suddenly the smile drained from her face with a stern look appearing. Although it only lasted a split second, Melania's face turned stone cold while her husband continued to point, gesture and wave at those in the crowd. Social media users attempted to diagnose what might be troubling her. Since leaving the White House in January, Melania Trump has only been pictured about a dozen times this year, with her last appearing alongside Donald in April.

DR ELLIE CANNON: When a rash affects one side of the body, most doctors consider shingles. Another common cause of a rash under the armpit is a fungal infection.

Kim Kardashian's friends have shut down speculation she is dating Pete Davidson after they were pictured holding hands on a ride at Knott's Berry Park on Friday evening. The pair sent tongues wagging after a picture obtained by PEOPLE, showed Kim  clutching Pete's hand while screaming in fear as they sat next to each other in a carriage. Kim, 41, who filed for divorce from husband Kanye West in February, was joined by Pete, 27, and her newly-engaged sister Kourtney and Travis Barker for the outing.


Showbiz extra

Brawl breaks out at eighth-graders' football game after 'racist slurs where hurled at players': Two white parents are charged with assaulting two black 13-year-old boys

A youth football game in Maryland descended into a brawl among 30 people after racist slurs were hurled at players in a predominently black team, and two white parents have been charged with assaulting two black teenagers.  Nicole Starr Ellis, 31, and Keith Gregory Lockner, 32, were each charged with second-degree assault against two 13-year-old black players after a referee's call caused a fiery backlash.   The Olney Bears, made up of predominantly black and hispanic children, was winning against the North Carroll Colts, whose players are predominantly white children, when the referee made the call.

Ado Campeol, who owned Le Beccherie restaurant in Treviso, died at his home on Saturday. Mr Campeol and his wife, Alba, are considered to be the inventors of the famous dessert.

A high school teacher and hairdresser have launched a beauty gadget after seeing a 'hair hack' on TikTok that promised perfect curls in minutes, but was harder than it looked.

The Dia de los Muertos festival took place in Los Angeles' Hollywood Forever Cemetery for its 22nd year today, where a large crowd of guests was expected for the first time since COVID. This year's festival was composed of two separate ticketed events, 'Dia de los Muertos' and 'Noche de los Muertos,' where guests can enjoy and live up to cultural performances, art exhibits, culinary vendors, and much more.