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Ksport Nippon regular agency Alternative dealer CBM021-CP Circuit Damper Pro System

Ksport CBM021-CP Circuit Pro Damper System


Ksport CBM021-CP Circuit Pro Damper System


Product description

Ksport's Circuit Pro coil-over System provides the ultimate in adjustability for enthusiasts and professionals alike, who are wishing to have the maximum in performance and durability. With years of engineering, testing and development, the Circuit Pro coil-over System has been perfected in virtually every facet of motorsports, ranging from drifting to time attack or circuit driving. The uncompromising range of adjustability on the Circuit Pro coil-over System makes it possible to win at the track, yet drive daily on the street as well. The key component to the Circuit Pro coil-over System is its utilization of remote reservoirs that provide separate adjustments for rebound and compression, as well as nitrogen gas pressure. With over 860 possible settings provided by each Circuit Pro coil-over System, it is possible to leave no stone unturned in the quest for ultimate performance from your vehicle's suspension system. In addition to adjustability, the added oil capacity provided by the remote reservoirs increase the system's ability to dissipate heat, which leads to improved performance over long periods such as endurance or tarmac racing, in addition to consistent performance throughout long heat cycles. These features, paired with 55mm monotube shocks, ensure maximum durability and consistent performance. A variety of external hardware components are available on the Ksport Circuit Pro coil-over System to completely customize the system to your vehicle. When fitting this kit to your vehicle, upper mounts are available in rubber form, pillowball or Ksport's award winning advanced pillowball mounts that offer camber and caster adjustment. Each Ksport Circuit Pro coil-over System has been dyno tested individually, and the results are included with the system at the time of purchase to aid in coil-over tuning.

Ksport CBM021-CP Circuit Pro Damper System

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MK Illumination

True Light Experiences

We create True Light Experiences that turn spaces into atmospheric places filled with light. Our unique approach to crafting design-driven lighting concepts attracts visitors to spaces where they experience real moments of happiness.

MK Illumination


Our lighting, lighting design and non-lighting design products make it easy for anyone to use light to infuse indoor spaces with festive atmosphere, and turn buildings, cities and outdoor spaces into local talking-points.

MK Illumination

MK Themed Attractions

MK Themed Attractions is a division of MK Illumination that combines light, decoration, custom-designed characters and fiberglass products to create thrilling amusement park concepts and contained themed experiences suitable for any space, any place and any theme.

We transform spaces into atmospheric places that make people happy with our custom, design-driven True Light Experiences. Welcome to the world of MK Illumination.

People crave experiences more than anything else. That’s why we harness the power of light, design, storytelling and carefully-selected products to create lighting experiences that tap into people’s emotions. We work across a range of sectors for clients large and small, combining local expertise and global experience, and delivering unique experiential solutions as well as a selection of high-quality products.

How can we help you transform your space?

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  • Experiences that add value

    Our True Light Experiences and MK Themed Attractions deliver added-value because they make people happy. Added-value = real moments of happiness.

  • Industry leader in quality standards

    Our lighting, decoration and themed attraction products are safe, legal, efficient and as far as possible, sustainable. In short: if you want to BUY SMART you want to buy from MK Illumination.

  • Local expertise, global experience

    We transform spaces of all shapes and sizes with light and design, applying valuable global experience and understand of world-wide trends whilst keeping local values and cultural expectations in mind.

  • Inspired, design-driven approach

    We draw inspiration from many sources, combining that with a deep understanding of how design can be used to create emotion and experiences.

  • Team of experts with a full-service offering

    Wherever you are in the process of choosing lighting and products to create an experience for your space, our team of experts are ready to help. From initial input, briefing and design, to manufacture, installation and site dismantling, we do it all.

  • Courageous & open

    We’re open to new ideas and we’re courageous enough to challenge the norm, think differently and try new things to create extraordinary experiences.

  • In-house production

    We manufacture our lighting design and non-lighting design products, and manage quality in our production facilities in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

Case Study

Case Study
City - Zwolle / The Netherlands

Zwolle: a city-wide transformation with festive lights

Zwolle Fonds is a collaboration between entrepreneurs from retail, catering and public-oriented businesses in the city center of Zwolle (The Netherlands), all of whom contribute to a fund, supplemented by a contribution from the municipality, which they use to make Zwolle a vibrant, bustling and safe city that welcomes visitors.

In 2017, Zwolle Fonds knew that they wanted to do more than simply hang a few string lights to celebrate the festive season. They wanted to create an experience using festive lighting that would encourage visitors into the city center.

They contacted MK Illumination Holland with an initial idea in mind: they wanted to use festive lighting and decoration to create multiple points of attraction throughout the city. The idea behind this was two-fold: first, to attract visitors, and second, to encourage them to enjoy a walking tour of Zwolle that would introduce them to different parts of the city, which in turn would lead to longer visits and a strong possibility that local businesses would benefit as a result.

Zwolle Fonds also wanted to extend the festive lighting beyond the city center, to make the whole city a pleasurable experience for residents and visitors alike.

MK Illumination Holland applied their local knowledge of the Dutch market and of Zwolle in particular and drew on their international experience to create a complete festive lighting solution that fitted Zwolle’s needs perfectly.

In November 2017, 12 larger-than-life light sculptures appeared throughout the city, each a unique and engaging visual experience for visitors to enjoy. The streets were decorated with overhead lighting motifs, the trees draped with glittering light chains, and bridges and building façades became instant attractions thanks to sparkling accent lighting, and the city Zwolle was transformed into a magical, light-filled space.

The resulting walking tour was made available online and the custom-designed map provided a clear route with markers that indicated where each light artwork could be found and short descriptions of different parts of the city.

Whether visiting the city to see the lights, or to experience the walking tour, or simply to shop, visitors to Zwolle were able to enjoy the festive atmosphere, experience the child-like delight of coming across an over-sized snowman for the first time, and share memorable moments with family and friends, taking photos at the many photo points and sharing them on social media.

The festive lighting route was featured on the local Dutch television network and visitors to the city were overwhelmingly positive. Many commented on how the lights create a positive atmosphere in the city – even if you can’t understand Dutch, it’s clear to see how positive people are about the lights in Zwolle!

Andries van Daalen of Zwolle Fonds had this to say:

“Of course this is a special experience. With the lights, everything about this Christmas feels a bit warmer and friendlier. I get goosebumps when I walk through the city and see all of the beautiful ‘statues’. They’re really super cool!”

Zwolle’s lights will be back for the 2018 festive season.

Insights & News

Insights & News
#Case Studies

Why Christmas needs to be the main event for shopping centers and retail spaces in 2020

The bottom line: COVID-19 has changed the world. People feel unsure and unsafe, but they still want to come together and share memorable...
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